Hot Dog Pete’s is a celebration flavor, history and people—a delicious story told through an iconic food.

Our Story

Hot dogs are an iconic American food but like everything else in America, they are influenced by many cultures and recipes that continue to evolve. In Birmingham, Alabama, the hot dog game is strong thanks to a large immigrant population of Greeks who have been successful food purveyors for several generations.

Nick Pihakis, Founder and CEO of the Pihakis Restaurant Group, along with his partners, have teamed up with Pete Graphos, the founder of Sneaky Pete’s Hot Dogs, a Birmingham institution since 1966. Together, they blend the collective experience of nearly 100 years in the restaurant business with the nostalgia of a beloved food to re-introduce this Birmingham classic to a new audience.

A new take on an American classic

A step beyond the walk-up style hot dog spot from days gone by, Hot Dog Pete’s team has worked through recipes and combinations utilizing great ingredients and sourcing from businesses that are respected. Wieners are custom blended by Fritz’s Smoked Meats and Superior Sausage–Kansas City’s oldest smokehouse since 1927. Our brioche buns are baked fresh for us at Alon’s Bakery, a favorite Atlanta bakery and market since 1992.

Bringing the taste of many worlds to your neighborhood

Pride of Place

We take pride in our ingredients as well as the history behind Hot Dog Pete’s and are thrilled to bring great food that celebrates good times to you. The food we serve encourages fun and nods to the traditions of hard-working immigrants that have helped make America’s food delicious.

Food and Fun

Taking a cue from the traditional walk-up hot dog joint that Pete started in Birmingham, we are using his ideas of efficiency to create our small but mighty menu. We believe that a focus on turning great ingredients into delicious food is not limited to white-tablecloth restaurants. Hot Dog Pete’s welcomes you with approachable food in a cheerful setting and we encourage you to mingle with friends and strangers alike in our outdoor eating area.

Fresh Commitment

Most folks don’t consider hot dogs to be sophisticated food but we have enjoyed creating combinations of flavors that definitely elevate the hot dog to another level. Several sausage blends, including a vegetarian option, are the perfect vehicle for old-world meat sauces, fermented krauts and pickles, mustard, onions and other classic toppings that merge with expressions of international cuisines. Fun and flavorful side dishes as well as shakes and floats round out the menu.

Enjoy our delicious hotdogs here at PETE´s